The Past, Present, and Future of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In the past, for an online to get leads they had to rely on email marketing and advertising tools such as PPC and Adwords. That then changed and everyone started talking about SEO – if you were not doing it you were doomed to fail. Techniques for ranking included title tags, meta descriptions, keyword tags, keyword density, H1 tags, image attributes, links from certain domains, the volume of links, quality of links, internal link structure and anchor text in inbound links. Today, with the introduction of social media the range of techniques has expanded to include tweets, retweets, likes, social mentions, page load time and content marketing.

The inclusion of social media as a way to get websites ranked has left many marketers stuck. They are still fixed in the old ways where if you optimized content, had strong links and worked on meta tags and so on websites would rank. While all these are well and good, and in fact need to be done, you need to move onto the new way of thinking about search engine optimization. This is a very cookie cutter approach and it fails to take into account the user – today’s user is into social media in a big way. If you want to be found you have to be visible in that space.

Keep in mind that being on social media is not enough – you also have to provide what the everyday user is looking for. When they find you on social media you have to be appealing enough that they want to go on your website, and when they get there you have to provide content that is good enough to get them to buy your products.

Going forward your main focus should be to understand what your users are looking for and provide it. Aside from links, keywords and so on, you have to be able to give content that users can engage with. The mistake that many marketers make is getting the cheapest content that they can find in a bid to save money. They log onto content sites that charge as little as a dollar for 400 words. No one who writes good content is going to sell it for that little. The best that you can get is a kid who is looking to make a few dollars. If you want good content that is informed and engaging you to have to be prepared to pay more.

There is one other thing you have to make sure to do. You have to optimize your website for mobile. Most people are accessing the web through their communication devices so if you aren’t optimized you are missing out on a lot of traffic. Even after you optimize you have to continually tweak so as to improve user interaction.

In a nutshell, while it is okay to do keyword research, build backlinks and so on, these old SEO methods alone are not enough. You have to provide the kind of content that they are looking for and also make sure that they can see your website on their phones and tablets.

Improved Marketing for Private Schools Coming Primarily In Digital Format

Digital marketing is essential for success in any market and the educational and learning institutions of America have not been left out of the competition. If your school is not applying the most effective strategies and content describing your educational plans, references from happy parents and engaging opportunities to check out the admissions office, you can expect many of your clients will be taking their children to the next option on the list.

It is important to keep all these applicants from going to the competition, but how?

Video Marketing

As most people are aware, the importance of video content in marketing campaigns is increasing at a steady rate. From the largest corporations down to the school across the street, everyone is whipping out their cameras and creating video expressions of product benefits and so on. The reason behind this sudden trend in video marketing is obvious, people are looking for a visually engaging way to digest information beyond cold hard facts in text format.

With video content, the chances of hitting a ‘viral’ result is greatly increased. With more and more users engaging YouTube (60% increases from last year’s figures) the chances of a video being viewed by the a huge demographic is increasing greatly.

And what better place to find endearing, entertaining and essential content for a school’s marketing campaign than to take a video inventory of your school’s performance and activities?

According to the experts, by the end of 2017, video traffic will account for more than 60% of all online traffic. This alone highlights the point being made, to leave out all that video content from your school’s marketing campaign is to court disaster.

Content Strategy
Content marketing campaigns are another great way to engage the families and parents in your area. By applying the position of experience in your area and industry, you can easily collect a good amount of keywords you know families are specifically concerned with. These can then be applied into an engaging blog with content that will appeal to your applicants.

The content does not need to be any longer than 300 – 400 words at a time and posted when you and your expert SEO advisor believes would be most convenient to your target audience. Be sure that you always create something that your audience will love, even if the keywords are not always perfect. With a strong call to action at the end of each will provide the opportunity to close a deals before they are gone

Social Media Strategy
The thing that will round off all your marketing strategies and lead to plenty of traffic to your site and valuable content will be a formidable social media strategy. Beyond, just providing exposure your social media platform will also help you retain and communicate with your student and parents.

A social media campaign of this caliber must be taken seriously and can be close to a full time job unless it is completed with all the techno tools at your disposal. This is especially important if you will promoting your school across YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

While you will want to have a seamless theme that runs through each of your social media channels, it is important to understand the individuality of each social media platform and not just post content for the sake of more content.

Taking an individual approach to social media platforms and making sure you are keeping your message clearly attuned to the platform in question is the best practice for social media dominance.

Instagram is a great way to attract the younger audiences and engage them visual footage and exciting imagery this is where your visual campaign will be focused. Facebook is still a great place for posting content geared toward their parents and families as a whole.

You will surely find that as you make progress along your social media frontier you will find which platforms, practices and content is the most expedient for reaching the audience you are searching for.

Final Pieces of Advice

Digital Assets Factory, an SEO and Digital Marketing Agency in Austin, TX has witnessed traffic increases to the websites in their management by as much as 300% due to their special brand of content strategies and search engine optimization. This was last experienced in their work for The Magellan International School.

If you are planning to begin a marketing campaign that will attract the attention you need, begin by collecting a record of all you do. Taking extensive image and video inventory of your most impressive work will give you the stuff your applicants are looking for.

Finally, find an expert who can bring the results you need. If you aren’t presenting a competitive front in the online world it is likely you will lose many applicants to competition.

What are your Options in the Web Hosting Arena?

Organizations and individuals can easily publish a web page or a website on the internet by using a service known as web hosting. Web hosting service providers offer technologies and services needed for viewing a web page or a website on the internet. There are special computers used for hosting and storing the websites and these are called servers. These days, there are many web hosting options which include shared hosting, dedicated servers and free web hosting. All these web hosting alternatives offer the same services of hosting the content that needs to be viewed and accessed by the individuals who use the internet. However, the difference between these options lies in the benefits that they offer and in their structure. We will have a look at all these options:

Free Web Hosting

Free web hosting is quite practical. It serves as the perfect choice for the ones who desire to have simple websites or the ones who like to create home pages to be shared with friends and family. Free web hosting lacks features, security and customer support and this is the reason why it has been the subject of huge criticism. But there are many free web hosting services that can actually be relied on and trusted. However, it is very important to keep in mind that free web hosting is specifically designed for the ones with personal website or simple websites. It is always best to go for the paid web hosting services if you are the owner of a business and have this strong intention of creating a very powerful online presence. This is because the paid web hosting services are reliable and secure and they offer great control.

Shared Hosting

As the name suggests, shared hosting is basically an environment where you share quite a good amount of web space with the others users. Cost of the web server is shared between clients. Thus, it can be said that shared web hosting is an affordable option. It is only because of the affordability that it offers, shared hosting has gained huge popularity among the personal users and the small business owners who have desires of setting up e-commerce and blog among the other useful applications. Nevertheless, shared hosting is an option where you can easily be affected by certain activities of the other users. In case of a huge scripting error, the entire server has to suffer. When the web server is down, even your website will go down and if a user gets a sudden traffic flow on his or her website, your website might get slow.

Dedicated Hosting

For businesses in their developing stage, it is important to get more than the normal sharing server resources. This is the reason why dedicated hosting is the best option for such businesses. Dedicated hosting is where an entire server is dedicated to serve the hosting requirements of a business. This type of hosting might be a little difficult and therefore managed hosting would be a good option for the ones who require such services.